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ladyshinkicker's Journal

14 November
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Hello! I'm Lady Shinkicker! I was born in '91, in the United Kingdom, and I currently study French and Spanish at Cambridge University.

I don't really seem to feel like either a guy or a girl all of the time, so despite my name, neutral pronouns are actually my first choice. I normally use "they", but have no problem with "sie", either. =) While I'm pretty certain that I'm interested in women, I'm also struggling to figure out where I fall on the asexual-sexual spectrum (and ditto for the romantic orientation spectrum...). "Queer" is a good word for me!

I tend to swear, a lot, and rant, a lot, and make the most awful, geeky jokes imaginable. If you think that's something you can deal with, feel free to add me =)